When you book a session with Mommy and Me Portrait Studios, we want to make sure you are getting what you want and need to capture some of the greatest moments in your family to date! We take you through a quick process in your consultation to plan the perfect scene, style, setting and ultimately your perfect product to print these amazing moments with your family.

From our Light and Airy to our Classic, Vibrant and Storytelling, there is something for everyone.

Our Light and Airy style is found to be more graceful and romanic; a soft intimate moment. It is what you would expect to see with lighter colors and less contrast, but still true to color.

Our Classic is more of a bold intimate with a greater amount of contrast in a black and white format, images that are timeless in their very existence.

Our Vibrant style is founded with color theory with color mixing and the visual effects of a specific color combination to achieve the look and feel of the moment we are capturing for your favorite products to display throughout your home.

Storytelling is an art all by itself where we help to activate your child's imagination in becoming a baker, a chef, a paint artist, a pirate or document a one of a kind interaction with our Santa Experience. The possibilities are endless. Our special designed albums and portrait boxes are a great way to for your child to relive their experience daily.
Light & AiryClassicVibrant