Photography Scavenger Hunt 2020

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While kids across our community are at home for the next few weeks we wanted to bring you guys some fun activities that will keep them creatively busy and give you some time to spend with them or send them on the hunt and you can get a few minutes to sit and rest.

This week we are bringing to you a Photography Scavenger Hunt! Every day there will be a different challenge/hunt that they need to complete. All they need is a camera phone or a tablet with a camera and a collage app downloaded and ready to go.

*UPDATED April 13th – While the initial week long challenge has ended, this Scavenger Hunt can be completed at any time for kids to enjoy and focus their creative energies! We still invite you to post the results on social media and fill the form out at the bottom when all 7 challenges are complete.


How Do We Play?

It is easy!

  1. Get a digital camera ready to go. It will be easiest to use a camera on a phone or tablet for this scavenger hunt.
  2.          Your kids can complete each challenge and create either a single collage image, or a few, depending on the specific prompt.
  3.   Share their photo creations on your own Facebook page with the hashtag #mnmeasterhunt or on Instagram and tag @mommyandmestudios. There are too many stressful posts on social media right now. Let’s fill the feed with positive and fun things our kids are doing! You can also share them in the Facebook Group to encourage others.

Check back in your email daily for tips, tricks and ideas to help your kids get their creative juices flowing for each challenge.

p.s. This scavenger hunt is meant for kids of all ages. Even adults can participate as well! I do encourage your older children to help the younger ones out for each of them complete their own hunt!

Now … let’s get this party started … I can’t wait to see what your kids create.


Day 1 Challenge

Remember to use the #mnmeasterhunt when posting your photos! Don't forget you can use these to brighten your facebook newsfeed as well! We can't wait to see your photos!

Day 1 MNMPhotohuntDay 1 MNMPhotohunt

To give you an idea of what to do … here is what I did! I searched for my letters and photographed each letter close up and then used PicCollage to assemble the letters into a collage that made my name (I’ll post the pictures in the comments). I would only show this to your child if they need help getting started. Otherwise let their creative minds take over! Then each collage will look uniquely different! Have fun and I can’t wait to see what your child’s name collage looks like!

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Day 2 Challenge


Make sure to count the letters in both your first and last name to complete this challenge!

Day 2 MNMPhotohuntDay 2 MNMPhotohunt

Need to give your kids some hints for Day 2? Try looking at calendars, clocks, books, TV stations, thermostat, game boxes, house number, etc. There are so many numbers around your house if you start to look for them!


Day 3 Challenge


Day 3 MNMPhotohuntDay 3 MNMPhotohunt

No matter what time of the year it is, there are always flowers to be found! Whether it is a beautiful plant or found in a pattern, look outside through the windows and all around the house!


Day 4 Challenge


Day 4 MNMPhotohuntDay 4 MNMPhotohunt

Need some hints? Remember, there are many different toys throughout the movie – more than just the iconic ones of Buzz Lightyear and Woody. As an added bonus, have movie time with your kids and watch your favorite Toy Story before or after they finish their hunt of the day!


Day 5 Challenge


Day 5 MNMPhotohuntDay 5 MNMPhotohunt

We know that some days you may not be able to go outside, and that’s okay! Look outside through the windows, or just look around the house! Don’t forget to take pictures of your finds!


Day 6 Challenge


Day 6 MNMPhotohuntDay 6 MNMPhotohunt

As we get closer to Easter Day, let’s do something Easter themed… like the Easter Egg Hunt that so many families do each year! But this time, be searching for anything that reminds you of Easter in and around your home!


Day 7 Challenge


Day 7 MNMPhotohuntDay 7 MNMPhotohunt

You did it! You made it to day 7! Our entire purpose as Mommy & Me is to capture moments and document time. This last challenge fits exactly what we do...and now we want to see you document time. A time that will be recaptured year after year here on Facebook. Make sure to post it to your newsfeed with the #mnmeasterhunt so we can see all your beautiful faces!

Finished? – Time for the Reward!

Did your child finish all 7 days of the challenge? If so we want to send them a Way to Go card in the mail hand written by Gabrielle or Misty along with a sheet of stickers just for them.  Email us your child's name and address at [email protected] with "Photo Hunt Blog" in the subject line!



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