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Mommy and Me Portrait Studios is passionate about creating custom portraiture with you that celebrates, preserves, and strengthens family connections while beautifying Chesterfield County homes.
Contact us today and let us help you begin your legacy journey for your family.

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Mommy & Me Studios is a residential portrait studio based in Chester, Virginia and serving the surrounding RVA, Chesterfield County, and Fort Lee areas.


We are a Mom and Daughter team who believe that every family member should experience the feeling of walking into their home and seeing high quality artwork of them and their family; building self esteem, a sense of belonging somewhere amazing, and having something that can be passed down for generations, and sparking conversations about all the memories of that special person in our lives... the legacy that is left is priceless. 


We practice what we preach. In our office are two old photographs framed and mounted.  One is from 1955 and the other from 1978. There is a sense of pride while looking at these two portraits that have survived countless moves with the military, overseas and back again, duty station to duty station and now they are here for our families to look at, hear the stories of, and know that these are very important people in our lives.


Misty has been capturing the amazing moments in families' lives since 2013 after falling in love with photographing her own growing and changing family.  It was the death of her grandfather, and the realization that there was only one portrait of him with her own children, that raised a sense of urgency to share this love and passion for preserving those moments with others.


Gabrielle started with TCA Photography in Northern New York as an assistant working specifically with children.  It only took about a year for her passion to grow and her desire to see families preserve their portraits with printed artwork began to take root.  As her family grows, so does her devotion to capturing every moment. Time goes by quickly and every day is a blessing to be remembered.


In 2014, Gabrielle and Misty became partners in their business and joined their local professional photographers association; holding offices with the goal of becoming more educated and community minded. In June 2019, both Gabrielle and Misty completely rebranded to Mommy and Me Portrait Studios.  Finding the perfect home and studio was no accident.  As a retired military family, the military community is very close to their hearts, which made Fort Lee a natural choice; but they also fell in love with Richmond and the surrounding areas during each visit prior to their move and now call Chester, Virginia their home. 


We would love to chat with you about our vision for your family.  Call us at 804-717-5790 or message us here.